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There are so many different kinds of cloth diaper styles to choose from. For those that want to use cloth diapers or are at least interested in them, one has to immerse themselves in a cloth diapering world, learn the lingo and speak the language. I can understand how it may drive some potential users away because it can get really overwhelming. I think cloth diapering is an ‘art’ because it is a skill that requires practice and experience and there are multiple forms of expression (styles to choose from).

The truth is, you do have to do a lot of research if you want to use cloth diapers. There is a lot of trial and error involved because what may work for some families may not work for yours. The good news is that there are a lot of options to choose from and a lot of people on the Internet who have written blogs, reviews, and forum posts about anything and everything you would ever need to know about cloth diapers. It’s a fun learning experience to use some common sense and decide which ones will probably work for you and your baby. Once you have done your part and studied, you will easily be able to practice the art of cloth diapering.

For the first couple of months of Milo’s life, we mostly used what are called ‘prefolds’ and diaper ‘covers’. In layman’s terms, a prefold is a thick enough piece of cloth that can absorb pee and poo. A diaper cover is what keeps mommies and daddies dry from mentioned pee and poo. Yes, we love diaper covers.

Wearing a Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover - prefold inside

Wearing a Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover – prefold inside

Wearing a prefold and fastened with a Snappi

Wearing a prefold and fastened with a Snappi

I really like seeing babies who wear prefolds. The cloth diaper snob in me just thinks that there is just something so organically beautiful about a baby wearing a piece of cloth rather than a disposable diaper made out of paper and plastic.

Once his newborn chicken legs grew a bit (around 1 month old) we started to use our ‘pocket diapers’ and now, these are what we still mainly use. Pocket diapers are called this because they have a pocket inside the diaper where the inserts (absorbent layer) are placed and thus, you can adjust the amount of absorbancy you need as your baby grows. In layman’s terms – the more your baby pees, the more inserts you put in the pocket so mommy or daddy won’t get wet with leaks. Oh and since our pocket diapers are adjustable and ‘one size fits most’, the ones we have that fit when he was a newborn still fit him now that he is 1.5 years old!

same baby, same nappy

same baby, same nappy

We are now eighteen months into practicing the art of cloth diapering – and counting! We have saved thousands of disposable diapers from going into the landfills, we have saved a lot of money and, we have a ton of cute baby bum pictures to look back on. The benefits far outweigh the time and effort spent and I hope those that are considering using cloth diapers will choose to do so.

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16 months old

January 9, 2013

I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been too lazy and didn’t want to continue boring the few readers of this blog with our daily milestones and achievements we’ve had with Milo. But then I realized there are a few people who would care for it to be documented – mainly me and Renz, and perhaps Milo when he’s older.

14 months old

at 14 months old

On Breastfeeding

Yes, we are still breastfeeding! When I first started to breastfeed, I was determined to keep at it and told myself just to just take it day by day. My stubbornness about not giving up has paid off. There were a few times when I had plugged ducts and it was so painful, I definitely wanted to give up. Around the time Milo turned 1 year old, it was getting so painful, I was ready to stop. I told myself that I made it to 1 year already and that is already a tremendous achievement – it was enough. But the pain went away and I didn’t stop for several reasons. First, formula is expensive! Secondly, it’s just so much more convenient to whip out a boob rather than have to go to the kitchen, get a bottle, prepare milk, and wash the bottle afterwards. In short, I’m too cheap and too lazy to stop breastfeeding. We do mix feeding now though with fresh milk and it is a relief to be able to give him that when we are out and about rather than having to worry about where I can breastfeed and not expose myself.

On Cloth Diapering

Yes, we still continue to use cloth diapers! I am still extremely in love with our cloth diaper stash. I’m sure the investment we made on these diapers have already paid for themselves with how much we’ve used them already.  I have to admit though, there is a place in our lives for disposable diapers. There were a couple of times when he got horrible diaper rashes (I think from diarrhea) and we had to use rash cream/medication so we resorted to using disposables. We also use disposables when we are traveling for more than an overnight trip.

On Baby Wearing

We don’t get to use our baby carriers as often now. Mainly because most of the time, Milo would much rather prefer to walk and explore rather than be carried. If we do need a carrier, for his age and weight now, we would use our pouches or the Ergo.

On Baby-Led Weaning

More often than not know, we do spoon feed him or at least assist him in holding the spoon. The main challenge I’ve encountered with BLW is rice. It’s such a staple in our household but it’s so damn sticky and messy for a baby to try to eat with his hands. Aside from that though, we do try to offer him a variety of healthy option at every meal and he decides what to eat. He can point and he says ‘mamam’ when he wants something.  He’s quite stubborn in that way. If doesn’t want to eat it, there’s just no sense in forcing it. The way he’s eating is definitely led by him.

On Baby Food

He loves grapes, corn, and watermelon.  Those are the food that come to mind when I try to think of his favorites. He also likes noodles/pasta, sinigang, apples, pears, carrots, bananas, kiat-kiat, and a slew of other things. He is usually keen on trying whatever food we have at least once.

On Toys

I don’t know of any toy that he does not like. He received a lot of new toys for Christmas from our family and friends and I think he loves them all. Lately, he plays a lot with his blocks, anything with wheels, magnetic drawing boards, his magnetic alphabet, his golf set, and his fake dog. But really at his young age, it is so hard to distinguish what toys are from everything else. Sometimes he prefers to play with the empty boxes rather than the toy that was inside those boxes.

On Developmental Milestones

When Milo was first born and was just a blob that had to be carried all over, my aching arms and body yearned for the day when he would be mobile enough to carry his own body. Well, that day has arrived, and he is super active and hyper and we are often chasing after him. Now, I yearn for those days in the past when he was just a blob lying down and not moving so much. Another reminder that the grass is often greener on the other side.

He has a few words he can say – apple, mama, dada, ba (for bye), up, baaah (for bulaga). I swear he can speak in full sentences when it’s just the two of us. I just haven’t been able to document it yet. We’re working on that.

He knows where his belly button is. Bow. He knows how to bless, how to shake hands, and how to fist bump. We joke around that he is going into politics someday because he is never satisfied with just shaking one person’s hand. He has to shake everyone else’s hand.

Now, he is not just walking, he’s often trying to run somewhere. He dances (bends his knee) when he hears music. He’s always trying to climb everything and anything. He’s also getting taller so it’s only a matter of time when he will be able to fully reach the door knob and escape!

so curious about everything

so curious about everything

There’s so many other things I could take note of so that I don’t forget but this blog is long enough for now. Every day is a constant adventure. Our worlds have been turned upside down since he arrived into our lives but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For your continuous reading pleasure, Renz and I area also working on updating our other blog (Excess Baggage) to document the travels we’ve had with Milo.

12 months old

September 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

My baby boy is no longer a baby! I feel like I just blinked and then all of a sudden you were a toddler. Today, you are 12 months old already – 1 year old! Time really does fly by. It has been really interesting and so amazing to see how you have developed from being just a blob that had no neck control to the active toddler that you are now.

This past month, we went to the beach with Tita Lou and Tito Raylan. We also took you to Manila Ocean Park and the Avalon Ark Zoo while they were here visiting. You also had your first trek going up Taal Volcano – if you can count that as ‘trekking’ since we carried you the entire time.

You also had your first plane ride going to Hong Kong. I was worried about how you would handle being confined in a small space and whether your ears would hurt from the pressure but you did very well. You slept most of the way going to Hong Kong and cried only a little bit on the way back.

While we were in Hong Kong, we visited the nearby islands, walked around the city, and we went to Disneyland! People were saying that you might be too young to enjoy Disneyland but I think you really had fun. You are so much more aware of your surroundings now. You were pointing everywhere, smiling, laughing, giggling, and playing around. It was really priceless to see how your eyes lit up and to see how happy you were. It was really helpful to use your baby carriers and ‘wear’ you around Hong Kong.

Development-wise, you are definitely a walker now. Sometimes, it’s more like running. You also love to climb up on everything. You are so active and so curious about everything that we’ve had a good share of bumps and falls. Most of the time you don’t even want us to carry you around anymore. You squirm until we set you free to roam around. Now you also clap and you point a lot – ‘Boy-turo’. Your favorite foods change a lot but sometimes you just gobble up bananas, yogurt, cherries, and crackers.

Oh, and we couldn’t resist cutting your long hair anymore. Your Daddy cut it a couple of weeks before your birthday because it just seemed so hot. It was a bit hard to cut it while you were awake and so curious so you ended up with jagged bangs and still a few strands of long hair.

Happy birthday my toddler! We made it through our first year! 🙂

eleven months old

August 14, 2012


Dear Milo,

You can now walk! For real! Every time I see you take steps on your own, I am in awe. A few months ago, you were just a blob that couldn’t even control your own neck! Now you are really, truly, a small person. You’re eleven months old now and soon graduating from being a ‘baby’ to being a ‘little boy’.

Your Daddy says you don’t look like a baby anymore because you have so many teeth now. As of today, you have 2 in the bottom and almost 4 on top. We still haven’t given you a hair cut and I’m not sure when we will. There are days when we want to shave it all off but there are days when I just want to keep it as it is for a little while longer. It’s often in your eyes now though so I think we will have to cut it up sooner rather than later.

You sleep through the night much better now. Sometimes you still wake up once in the middle of the night but more often, you don’t wake up until it’s morning already. Unfortunately, you are turning out to be an early morning person waking up somewhere between 5AM and 6AM – EVERY DAY. I really wonder when the day would come that we would have to wake you up because you’re sleeping in so late.

You still love to eat noodles/pasta. You eat it like you’ll never see it ever again and it’s your last chance to eat it. You love fruits of all sorts – grapes, bananas, mango, watermelon. You seem more hungry for solids lately. Actually when you’re crying and I don’t know what to do to console you, I usually offer you some crackers or cheerios and you settle down almost right away! I’m apologizing in advance if this is going to create some problems for you when you’re an adult and the only thing that can console you when you’re upset is food. Haha.

I’m not sure what your favorite toys are because it seems like you play with everything. You’re very curious especially if you see something new. If I had to answer what your favorite hobby is, I would say it’s opening cabinets. You just don’t get tired of doing that for some reason. Lately, you like playing with balls, things with wheels (cart, stroller, trains, cars), Tigger, Poe, you love destroying towers of blocks, and you like looking through your books.

You really know what you want now. You already reach, point, and pull to get whatever it is you want. Unfortunately, if there’s something you want and we don’t give it to you, you already throw mini temper tantrums. I’m already very afraid of the terrible twos. Fortunately, right now, you’re still easily distracted so you easily forget what you were so upset about.

Oh, we’re not planning on a big party for your 1st birthday. Heck, we’re not even planning for any sort of party at this point.  Instead, we’re going on a trip! You’ll get to ride an airplane for the very first time.


month-by-month photo comparison



Ten months old

July 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

You can now walk! Well, sort of… You are fearless and can confidently walk while pushing your cart/walker and you take a few steps on your own! Most of the time, I’m more scared to let go than you are. There were also a couple of times that you were able to standup without having to lean on anything.

Our days are spent with you moving around all over the house exploring every nook and cranny. You go up and down the stairs, you reach for all the wires and plugs and everything you’re not supposed to play with. There is no such thing as ‘sitting still’ in your vocabulary. You do sit for longer periods in your car seat now and that makes car rides so much better for all of us.

This past month was also when you started to really eat food. Before, you enjoyed food but you would just taste or play it. You do eat practically everything we offer you but you seem to love watermelon, noodles, yogurt, and grapes the most.

You are babbling more and more now as if you really have a lot to say. When we say ‘NO’ and you’re unhappy about it, you answer back and complain! We may not understand the words you’re trying to say but the tone of what your saying is loud and clear.  When you are happy though, you have learned to make the cutest face. You smile, scrunch up your nose, and your eyes squint until they’re practically closed.  You’ve made so many department stores sales ladies ‘aww’ by flirting with them when you make this pa-cute face.

You still have a major case of stranger anxiety. For some reason, you don’t like anyone else holding you. You will play with people and smile at them but you will cry your eyes out when someone else tries to carry you. I do hope we get over this phase soon because although everyone says you look skinny, you are actually getting heavy!

Oh, and this morning I saw one of your top teeth coming out!

month-by-month photo comparison

nine months old

June 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

Your two bottom teeth finally came out! You’re still drooling like crazy though which, everyone says is a sure sign of teething so we’re still anxiously waiting for some more to come out. It’s really cute to see your smile with those two little bottom teeth sticking out. Now, we have to teach you how to brush your teeth!

Your motor skills have improved a lot this past month. You now know now how to climb up stairs, your pincer grasp is almost there, you’re using your crib to do pull-ups, and everyday it seems like your body is learning something new. I will also remember this past month because you’re also now willingly drinking milk from a bottle! After 8 months of resistance, you’re now drinking from a bottle even if I hold it! I seriously have tears of joy every time I think about it because I’m so proud.

Some of your favorite foods lately include, raisin bread, watermelon, grapes, noodles, & kang kong. You like to taste a lot of different things but I’m not sure exactly how much is actually going in your tummy because you haven’t gained a lot of weight in the past couple of months. We have to work on this.

I’m not sure if you have a favorite toy but you like things that have sounds (toys with music), things that move (anything with wheels seem to fascinate you right now), things you can put in your mouth (anything you can get your hands on), and things that are dangerous (power cords, power outlets, electric fans). I think you’re now also learning the word ‘NO’ because we use it so often now to try and teach you not to touch the things you’re not supposed to.

Lastly, your 8th month was another mark of your growing independence. We moved you into your own room. I think that first night you slept in your room by yourself was harder for me than it was for you. So far, you seem to sleep better at night though so it’s all for the best.

Only a couple of months to go and you will be 1. What should we do to celebrate?

month-by-month photo comparison

eight months old

May 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

Time really does fly by so fast. Today, you are already 8 months old and in only a few months, you’ll be 1 year old already. Your picture looks a little different today because we moved into a new house this past weekend. It’s also a little blurry because you don’t want to sit still. Plus, we’ve learned that it’s a real bad idea to hold these monthly photo shoots on a ROCKING chair. Too late to change it now though.

You started off this month with your first sickness. You had to take antibiotics to get the bacteria out of your system. Man, it was a real struggle to get you to drink your medicine. Who knew that a sick 7 month old baby can be so strong that it would take 2 adults to hold you down?

After you got better though, you regained your strength with a vengeance! You now know how to stand up on your own – provided you can lean and push up against something. You crawl so fast, I have to chase after you. Because you’re so mobile now, this past month can also be known as the ‘bruises and bumps’ month.

Your hair is getting a bit too long now and since the weather is so hot, your head sweats all the time. I like to clip it up but then people think you’re a baby girl. So maybe it’s time for a haircut?

month-by-month photo comparison