random status updates

June 9, 2011

Our last monthly doctor’s check-up was held last week (May 31). She used the doppler and after searching around my belly area for a minute or two, we all heard a strong heart beat. As always, it’s a reassuring to hear the heart beat. It confirms that there really is a growing human being inside my body and I’m just not over eating for no reason.

My weight gain was on track averaging at about 1 lb per week since the second trimester started. The doctor actually seemed a bit surprised that I’ve managed to keep it in control so far. I’m even wondering if she was that surprised because she has a secret spy cam installed in our house and she sees all the food I’m eating. Hmmm. ¬†Anyway, since this pregnancy started I think I’ve gained a total of 11 lbs so far. The doctor says that the third trimester though is the part where most of the weight gain usually happens and when the appetite increases. Yikes.

I’ve also been feeling movement in random parts of the belly now and not just at the bottom part. It’s all still mostly on the right side only though. I’m also still not sure what kind of movement I’m feeling – whether they’re kicks, tumbles, or hiccups. Whatever they are, just like the doppler, being able to feel the baby movements is reassuring. So far they don’t hurt at all and it’s just amusing.

As for sleeping, I’ve had no problems so far. There was one night recently when I couldn’t sleep until I got up and ate a bowl of Cocoa Crunch Duo. Yumm! I’ve also been trying to sleep on my left side rather than on my back. I’m more of a back sleeper but it’s getting uncomfortable now with such a heavy load on top. In various pregnancy resources, the recommended sleeping position is on the left side for improved blood flow and to help your kidney efficiently eliminate waste. Something like that. I’m a sucker for everything I read off of Google searches.

As of this post, I should be around 26 weeks and 2 days buntis – a.k.a. my 27th week. This means that next week, I will be on my 28th week and I will be starting the third trimester! At least I think that’s how it’s computed. I still get confused sometimes about calculating which trimester starts on what week.



February 16, 2011

I haven’t really had any cravings that are out of the ordinary. Before I was buntis, I already had all sorts of food cravings and it’s still pretty much the same now. I haven’t had any of those middle of the night cravings for green mangoes with bagoong – although that does sound very yummy right now. yumm.

The only weird thing related to food that’s happened is usually at around dinner time, I lose my appetite. The horror!! I’ve always had an appetite! It’s only been really bad for a couple of nights and usually, the appetite comes back.

Also, I don’t really know if this is new or not but now, when I get hungry, I’m REALLY hungry. Like someone cut a hole where my stomach is supposed to be and air is just passing through.

As of this post, I’m probably around 10 weeks and 1 day buntis.