morning sickness

March 7, 2011

All the pregnancy books refer to morning sickness as a common pregnancy symptom. In fact, it’s supposed to be one of the signs that you are pregnant.

So far though, I haven’t really experienced any morning sickness. Early on, in the first month or so, I had some nausea and coughing fits that almost led to me throwing up but that was really as far as it went. I guess I’m lucky because I don’t have to feel the discomfort of daily puking and I’m not losing any of the nutrients in my body that the baby needs in order to grow.

It’s making me a bit more worried though since I feel so normal and un-pregnant. I told the doctor about this during our visit last week and although she seemed quite confident that nothing was wrong, I guess she saw the worried look on my face and decided to take out her doppler to look for the baby’s heartbeat. After a few worried minutes of hearing nothing, she managed to locate the baby and we were able to hear the fast heartbeat. Whew. It made me feel so relieved that I seriously considered (only for a few minutes) to buy my own doppler so I can hear the heartbeat every day and make sure that the baby is still there.

As of this post and by my own calculation, I should be around 12 weeks and 6 days buntis. The first trimester is almost over!


buntis card

February 24, 2011

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a tummy and a penchant for loose dresses. Even before I was buntis (or even married) I would always be insulted when I hear people assume or even dare ask if I was pregnant.

At the airport the other day, as soon as I approached the counter to check-in, the ground stewardess immediately asked ‘pregnant?’. If I were not buntis, I would’ve given her an ear-ful about how rude it is to assume that I was pregnant and demanded to speak with her manager. Actually I found it really insulting because I’m not even really showing yet! I could’ve really just been a normal non-pregnant chubby woman. Lucky for that girl, I realized that I am now a Buntis Card holder so I just said ‘yes’ with a smile and I asked if she could place us in seats as close to the front as possible due to my ‘condition’. Thanks to the Buntis Card, we were placed in Row 2. Yay! I always prefer sitting as close to the front as possible.

Yes, I will definitely milk this pregnancy for whatever I can.

As of this post, I’m around 11 weeks and 2 days buntis.


February 17, 2011

I’m always sleepy lately. I think I get plenty of sleep at night even if I get up once or twice in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. But somehow, it’s not enough and I get sleepy in the middle of the day too.

Maybe it’s the missing coffee in my bloodstream or it’s just all in my head but I just feel like I have less energy and definitely more tired. This is a mystery to me since all I do lately is rest.

Right now I’m 10 weeks and 2 days buntis.


February 16, 2011

I haven’t really had any cravings that are out of the ordinary. Before I was buntis, I already had all sorts of food cravings and it’s still pretty much the same now. I haven’t had any of those middle of the night cravings for green mangoes with bagoong – although that does sound very yummy right now. yumm.

The only weird thing related to food that’s happened is usually at around dinner time, I lose my appetite. The horror!! I’ve always had an appetite! It’s only been really bad for a couple of nights and usually, the appetite comes back.

Also, I don’t really know if this is new or not but now, when I get hungry, I’m REALLY hungry. Like someone cut a hole where my stomach is supposed to be and air is just passing through.

As of this post, I’m probably around 10 weeks and 1 day buntis.


bathroom breaks

February 13, 2011

Ok, so we thought it would be cool to live in a loft. Apparently, it’s not the best thing to have your bed up on the loft when you’re pregnant if the bathroom is downstairs. This is what I’ve learned so far:

1. Pregnant people pee a lot. I used to sleep like a baby all night and I never had to wake up for a bathroom break. Now, I get up in the middle of the night once or twice to go to the bathroom.

2. Buntis or not, It’s not a good idea to go down stairs while you’re sleeping. Technically, it might be called sleep walking. I thought I was awake enough but the rule should be that eyes should be open at all times when going down stairs!

3. Buntis or not, it’s definitely not a good idea to skip steps while you’re going down stairs and your eyes are closed!

As I write this post, the bed is still up on the loft. We don’t know where to put it! We don’t know where to put the baby! We don’t know what to do! <insert panic attack here>

P.S. Today, I’m 30 years old. Which means I’ll be 48 when the baby is 18 and 51 when it’s 21, 61 when it’s 31, 71 when it’s 41…ack! <insert another panic attack here> Today, I am also 9 weeks and 5 days buntis.


second ultrasound

February 12, 2011

While this hemorrhage thing was going on, it felt like I was playing that relay game where you had to balance an egg on a spoon held in your mouth. It felt very fragile that I could easily drop and break.

The good news was that at the second ultrasound (February 3), the hemorrhage was not seen. Yay! It made me really doubt the seriousness of the hemorrhage that was seen in the first one. From what I gather from my friends that were/are pregnant, it seems to be a common diagnosis. So, is there something in the air or in the food that is causing pregnant women to have hemorrhages? Or is it just not as serious as they make it sound and is really more of a normal, implantation bleeding? Either way I guess it’s always best to stay on the safe side rather than ignore and risk anything during this time period.

It was also interesting to see how different the ultrasound technicians were. The first one was cold, rattling off every little detail and not taking the time to show me the monitor or explain what she was seeing. The second one was more cheery but very quiet and hardly said a word except she did move the monitor so I can see and she did try to explain what she saw.

By that time, the embryo measured at 1.8cm and I was equivalent to 8 weeks and 2 days buntis.

bed rest

February 11, 2011

Bed rest was not fun and only lasted for 1 day. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds.

Of course, I still tried my best not to move a lot for the entire two weeks that it was prescribed for me. I tried not to go out of the house to limit having to go up and down the stairs and I’m still not trying to lift anything too heavy.

I was cooped up in the house for most of the two weeks and I was bored and cranky (to say the least). I couldn’t really ‘enjoy’ the pregnancy not having an idea of what was happening to the hemorrhage – wether it was getting better or not.

By the time the two weeks were over (on February 3), it was time for the second ultrasound and I was about 8 weeks buntis.