eight months old

May 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

Time really does fly by so fast. Today, you are already 8 months old and in only a few months, you’ll be 1 year old already. Your picture looks a little different today because we moved into a new house this past weekend. It’s also a little blurry because you don’t want to sit still. Plus, we’ve learned that it’s a real bad idea to hold these monthly photo shoots on a ROCKING chair. Too late to change it now though.

You started off this month with your first sickness. You had to take antibiotics to get the bacteria out of your system. Man, it was a real struggle to get you to drink your medicine. Who knew that a sick 7 month old baby can be so strong that it would take 2 adults to hold you down?

After you got better though, you regained your strength with a vengeance! You now know how to stand up on your own – provided you can lean and push up against something. You crawl so fast, I have to chase after you. Because you’re so mobile now, this past month can also be known as the ‘bruises and bumps’ month.

Your hair is getting a bit too long now and since the weather is so hot, your head sweats all the time. I like to clip it up but then people think you’re a baby girl. So maybe it’s time for a haircut?

month-by-month photo comparison


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