random status updates

June 9, 2011

Our last monthly doctor’s check-up was held last week (May 31). She used the doppler and after searching around my belly area for a minute or two, we all heard a strong heart beat. As always, it’s a reassuring to hear the heart beat. It confirms that there really is a growing human being inside my body and I’m just not over eating for no reason.

My weight gain was on track averaging at about 1 lb per week since the second trimester started. The doctor actually seemed a bit surprised that I’ve managed to keep it in control so far. I’m even wondering if she was that surprised because she has a secret spy cam installed in our house and she sees all the food I’m eating. Hmmm.  Anyway, since this pregnancy started I think I’ve gained a total of 11 lbs so far. The doctor says that the third trimester though is the part where most of the weight gain usually happens and when the appetite increases. Yikes.

I’ve also been feeling movement in random parts of the belly now and not just at the bottom part. It’s all still mostly on the right side only though. I’m also still not sure what kind of movement I’m feeling – whether they’re kicks, tumbles, or hiccups. Whatever they are, just like the doppler, being able to feel the baby movements is reassuring. So far they don’t hurt at all and it’s just amusing.

As for sleeping, I’ve had no problems so far. There was one night recently when I couldn’t sleep until I got up and ate a bowl of Cocoa Crunch Duo. Yumm! I’ve also been trying to sleep on my left side rather than on my back. I’m more of a back sleeper but it’s getting uncomfortable now with such a heavy load on top. In various pregnancy resources, the recommended sleeping position is on the left side for improved blood flow and to help your kidney efficiently eliminate waste. Something like that. I’m a sucker for everything I read off of Google searches.

As of this post, I should be around 26 weeks and 2 days buntis – a.k.a. my 27th week. This means that next week, I will be on my 28th week and I will be starting the third trimester! At least I think that’s how it’s computed. I still get confused sometimes about calculating which trimester starts on what week.


baby name

May 25, 2011

A few years ago, Fernando Poe Jr. just died and I was watching a TV special about his life with some friends. Some guy named Paquito Diaz was interviewed and I made a comment about how that name – Paquito – would be a cute baby name. Apparently, this was a big no-no in the Philippines. Since Paquito Diaz played the ‘bad guy’ roles in movies, that name is automatically connected to the roles he portrayed. I’ve decided long ago that if I ever had a baby, I would not name my kid ‘Paquito’ just to avoid all the negative things people will say. It’s been about 3 years since then and now my friends who were there with me won’t let me forget that comment I made and until now, annoyingly still refer to the baby as ‘Paquito’.

Choosing a name for the baby is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing. I think the responsibility of giving another human being a name that they will have to use for the rest of their lives is just too much. Based on my own experiences where I have a nickname that does not at all seem connected to my real first name, we’ve decided we wanted to just pick one short and simple name that will also be used as the nickname. It’s just too confusing to have more than one real name that never gets used and having to explain it to people all the time. I also just don’t understand why people give their kids 2 formal names and then end up calling them ‘Ding Dong’. If you wanted to call your kid ‘Ding Dong’ that’s what you should’ve named him!

Now the suggestions for baby names are coming in. Before we found out the gender of the baby, my mom suggested that we use the name ‘Florence’ if it’s a girl and Clarence, Terence, or any other name that ends with ‘ence’ if it’s a boy because Renz’s name is LawRENCE. My mom also suggested ‘Lomi’ as a combination of Lawrence and Miriam. 😐

My 7 year old niece suggested ‘Gudicello’ because she has a crush on a local actor (that I’ve never even heard of) named Matteo Guidicelli. 😐 My brother in law suggested ‘Diego’ which I agree, is cute but is probably too common these days. He also said if we used Diego for the baby now and we have a baby girl next, we can name her ‘Dora’. 😐

Right now, we do have a name that we already call the baby and will most likely give him. Funny enough, it is connected to one of my mom’s suggestions. I’m just not ready to announce it to the world. Whether we ask or not, I know people will voice their opinions about our chosen name and I just don’t care to hear about it yet.

As of today, I should be 24 weeks and 1 day buntis.  I hope the baby will not look like my drawing.

Baby stuff

May 23, 2011

There is a lot of baby-related fluff out there. They’re mostly so cute and colorful, it’s hard to resist caving in to everything you’re ‘supposed’ to have for the baby.  I guess it’s part of the nesting phase especially for first-time parents but for me, since I have little or no self-control, it’s hard to distinguish what we ‘need’ from what ‘I want’.

If we’re talking about basics, all the baby should really need is a place to sleep, clothes, food, diapers, and everything else is not really a necessity. Sounds simple enough.

Sleep – I don’t want to co-sleep with the baby in our bed. We live in a loft with no rooms so it’s not like we will ever be too far away. So where will the baby sleep? I was really, really tempted to buy a real crib. I already had a list of online sources about why it was better for the baby to sleep in a crib than in a pack and play BUT my sister has a pack and play that she can give to us for FREE. So there, it was decided based on practicality that we will just reuse that and I will just order a mattress.

Clothes – How do you know how many to get and what size? The newborn size supposedly lasts for just such a short time that it might not make sense to buy clothes in that size. But what will the baby wear in the meantime? Then you have to get hats, mittens, socks, shirts, pants, onesies. It doesn’t help nor does it make sense that department stores in the Philippine are segregated by brand and not by item type. Confused people (like me) end up having to scour the entire floor just to make sure I’m getting the right ones for the right price.

Food – I will breastfeed. To make sure this happens one way or another, I’m reading breast feeding books and thankfully, my parents are sponsoring a breast pump, feeding bottles, breast pads, and everything else that has the word ‘breast’ in it.

Diapers – We will use cloth diapers. There’s so many different kinds though that most recommend getting a few of each type to figure out which one will work best for you and for the baby’s body type. All-in-one’s, pockets, pre-folds, covers, flats, snappis.  I’m a bit obsessed about cloth diapers right now. It’s overwhelming but I can’t wait to use them.

Yep, in the past couple of weeks we’ve finally started to get ready for the baby’s arrival. We’ve cleared up some space in the closet and in the cabinets anticipating for the baby’s things. It’s hard on the pocket but it’s getting really exciting and it feels more real that a baby will soon live with us when we start to accumulate baby-related things in the house.

As of this post I should be about 23 weeks and 6 days buntis.  The summer heat is unbearable at times and I am just grateful that my belly is not that huge yet. I’ve figured out that my big boobs make my belly seem smaller and I bet some people still wonder whether I am really pregnant or I’m just fat. I can’t believe we’re almost at the third trimester.

I will…

May 9, 2011

*Updated with a drawing. Didn’t seem right to have a blog entry without one.*

I panicked at first. I didn’t know what I needed to do and what I needed to read and learn about. Fortunately, the Internet is a plethora of information. Everything you need (and don’t need) to know is somewhere on some website on the wonderful world-wide web. For the past 5 months, my brain has been acting as a sponge soaking up all the information and advice that other parents and marketers have posted on the Internet.

The abundance of information is all overwhelming but at my age, I really should be old enough to know what I can and cannot manage. I figure, if it’s something I believe in and other women can do it, why can’t I? It’s a matter of trying to filter out what is really necessary from what is unnecessarily just trendy methods and products.

You may call me ignorant, stubborn, driven, competitive, or wishful-thinking but these are the things that I have decided I WILL do.

1. I WILL cloth diaper (most of the time) – It’s quite an investment at first but hopefully it will be more economical in the long run. We will leave a smaller carbon footprint on Mother Earth and I love doing laundry anyway. We’ll start with disposables during the newborn stage.

2. I WILL breastfeed (exclusively at least for the first 6 months) – I’m a bit scared about this just because it’s supposed to be so natural but it comes so hard for so many women.

3. I WILL baby wear – I’ve ordered a Moby wrap and I will order a Saya carrier too. No stroller for us for now.

4. I WILL not resort to getting a full-time yaya – I will, hopefully, be able to continue to work from home afterwards so that we can manage to do this.

5. I WILL (unless absolutely necessary) have as natural birth as possible – No, I don’t want an epidural – I wonder how realistic this statement will be once I’m actually in labor at the hospital.

The breastfeeding book that I’m reading now (The womanly art of breastfeeding) says that I have to decide that these are things that I’m GOING to do, not TRY to do. I just hope the people around me will be supportive about our decisions whether they agree with it or not.

No drawing with this post today. My creative juices have dried up with all the baby-related information soaked up in my brain. As of today, I should be 21 weeks and 6 days buntis – I’m following the original due date (Sept 13) provided, not from the latest ultrasound.

It’s a…

April 27, 2011

This morning we went for the 20-week ultrasound (a.k.a. anatomy ultrasound, congenital anomaly scan, gender scan). Since we are half-way through the pregnancy, our main purpose was to get another peek at the baby and see if everything is developing as it should be. Although they can’t give us a 100% guarantee that they can see everything, we still wanted to push through with it since it was a non evasive procedure.

Fortunately, everything looked normal or right on track. Unfortunately, the baby was a bit shy and was covering the face so the Sonologist was not able to get a clear look on that part of the body.

We were also looking forward to this ultrasound to find out what the gender is. All along, ever since the beginning of the pregnancy I thought the baby was a girl because my father in law sent me a Chinese gender prediction chart that said it will be a girl. Ever since then I’ve mentally convinced myself that it’s a girl and we even referred to the baby as ‘she’ or ‘her’. I was definitely surprised when the Sonologist said that the baby is a BOY! The ultrasound pictures provided were a bit dark but the Sonologist said that she was 100% sure that what she saw in the monitor were boy genitals.

We don’t really care what the gender is as long as the baby is healthy but this was definitely a surprise. Good thing we didn’t buy any girly clothes yet! As of today’s ultrasound, I’m now 20 weeks and 5 days buntis and the new estimated due date is September 7, 2011.

first kicks

April 25, 2011

According to the baby books and Internet sources, pregnant women should start to feel their baby move between 16-24 weeks. I was really starting to worry because people always asked if I’ve already felt the baby move but I felt nothing…until a few days ago.

It was Thursday, April 21 and we rode on a banka on our way to Palaui Island in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I was seated towards the middle so I could really feel the vibrations from the engine. We started on our way and then I felt it (I think). It felt like bubbles popping – this is really the best description I can think of. It’s definitely a different feeling from gas or tummy growls so I was almost 100% sure it was the baby moving. I think the baby got excited to be on a banka and on the water. 🙂

As of today, I should be around 19 weeks and 6 days buntis. On Wednesday, we are scheduled for the 20-week ultrasound.

pre-natal care

April 5, 2011

I used to be addicted to Advil. Ok, not really addicted but it was definitely my medicine of choice for whatever symptom I felt. I didn’t really care for other types of medicine and always hoped for the best that my body and nature would take its course to free me from whatever virus or bacteria I had. Anyway, ever since I got pregnant, I’ve stopped taking Advil since my friend Google says that pregnant people should stay away from drugs, even over-the-counter types. It’s been 3 whole months without taking any Advil and it turns out that I can live without it! Who knew?!

I assumed at first that pre-natal care would be very high maintenance and involve a whole slew of pregnancy-related drugs.  Turns out I got an OB that believes natural is better. Yay! I thought she’d ask me to take Iron supplements since I’m a little bit anemic but she said that those are stinky and would probably make me puke so I should just increase my intake of green leafy vegetables for additional Iron. All she’s prescribed for me for the first tri-mester was a daily dose of folic acid and a healthy diet.

During our last visit (at 16 weeks) she finally prescribed some multivitamins to replace the folic acid since we’re moving on to the maintenance phase and the baby needs more nutrition. I told her that I still have 20 pcs of folic acid and she said that it was fine that I just take those until I finish them before I need to move on to the multivitamins.

Even though there were moments when I did get worried about the type of pre-natal care I was receiving when I heard from other pregnant people about all the supplements and Mommy-milk formula (Amnum) they’re taking, I’m actually glad I have this kind of an OB rather than one that over-prescribes all sorts of unnecessary drugs. Let’s eat healthy and let nature take it’s course (as much as possible) and trust that women have been doing this for centuries without the aid of artificial supplements. As of today, I should be about 17 weeks buntis.