cloth diapers

August 5, 2011

 The people I speak with on a daily basis know that I’ve gotten a teeny tiny bit obsessed  passionate about cloth diapers. When I first found out I was pregnant, I believe it was first Renz who suggested we try to use ‘lampins’ for the baby rather than disposables. My first thought of lampins were ‘Ew, gross’. All I’ve ever heard about lampins were the locally available ones that are like gauze. I’ve never understood how those are expected to absorb anything and I just couldn’t imagine them working as diapers.

But, as I did more research about cloth diapering, through the help of the Internet and a lot of helpful forums, I’ve learned that cloth diapers have come a long way from the old fashioned lampins that I initially had in mind. There are now a variety of types to choose from. There are All-In-Ones (AIO), Pockets, Prefolds, Covers, Flats. Then the necessary accessories such as Snappis, Wetbags, etc.

Unfortunately, cloth diapering is not that well-known yet here in the Philippines. The ones that are locally resold cost almost double the amount it would cost if you bought it in the US. So, I decided to be resourceful and think long term to order enough from US websites so that my family could send it to me in a balikbayan box.  I also ordered a few cheap ones from a couple of sources in China that have gotten rave reviews from the cloth diapering forums. Now I have my first ‘stash’ which, hopefully, through proper care, will last until potty training. It really does get to be an addicting hobby but I’m satisfied now with the stash so I am not expecting to buy any more.

Only while researching for cloth diapers did I learn that disposable diapers are filled with potentially harmful chemicals and stay in the landfills for at least 500 years! A newborn baby is expected to use up about 10 diapers per day. If you’re using disposables, that’s a whole lot of crap (literally) that ends up in the landfills! Cloth diapering requires quite a big up-front investment but in the long run, I still expect we would end up with cost savings as well since having to buy disposable diapers on a regular basis does add up to quite a small fortune. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for the baby’s skin (since cloth is breathable rather than plastic used in disposables), it would result in cost savings, and they’re cute! I know it will take a bit more laundry and more effort to make it work but the benefits of using cloth diapers far outweigh the convenience of using disposable diapers.

Today, I’m 34 weeks and 3 days buntis.



July 12, 2011

 I haven’t blogged lately not because I haven’t had any new updates about this pregnancy but because I haven’t had any inspirations for any new drawings. So, as much as I’d love to maintain this blog purely utilizing my amazing drawings, we are now moving on to equally amazing (and more convenient) photos.

The card shown here is what I received in the mail today from Mapet! Yay, I love getting mail (excluding bills)! Lately, packages have been arriving too – all the stuff I’ve ordered online for the baby. I’m definitely ‘nesting’ now as I try to make sure that we will have everything we will need and figuring out how to fit everything in the space we have.

Yesterday we had another doctor’s check-up. Heart beat was heard loud and clear with the doppler and we are now upgraded to seeing her bi-weekly (as opposed to once a month). Weight gain is still under control and I got the glucose tolerance test results. I was cleared from having gestational diabetes! I was kind of surprised because my results showed 66.41 and everything under 140 is ‘normal’. I just didn’t know that I’d be that far off from having GD. Anyway it was kind of ironic but I insisted we celebrate with Dairy Queen for dessert.

The baby’s movements are a lot stronger now. I’m trying to get a video recording of when I can physically see my belly moving but I haven’t managed to catch it in action yet. As for my pre-natal care, I love that my OB still doesn’t over-prescribe anything for me. Aside from my daily dose of Elevit (prenatal vitamin), she just tells me to watch what I eat and to try to eat healthy things. No unnecessary mommy milk and no other supplements.

Today marks the start of the 31st week of this pregnancy. We are down to the single-digit countdown – 9 more weeks of being buntis to go!

Baby stuff

May 23, 2011

There is a lot of baby-related fluff out there. They’re mostly so cute and colorful, it’s hard to resist caving in to everything you’re ‘supposed’ to have for the baby.  I guess it’s part of the nesting phase especially for first-time parents but for me, since I have little or no self-control, it’s hard to distinguish what we ‘need’ from what ‘I want’.

If we’re talking about basics, all the baby should really need is a place to sleep, clothes, food, diapers, and everything else is not really a necessity. Sounds simple enough.

Sleep – I don’t want to co-sleep with the baby in our bed. We live in a loft with no rooms so it’s not like we will ever be too far away. So where will the baby sleep? I was really, really tempted to buy a real crib. I already had a list of online sources about why it was better for the baby to sleep in a crib than in a pack and play BUT my sister has a pack and play that she can give to us for FREE. So there, it was decided based on practicality that we will just reuse that and I will just order a mattress.

Clothes – How do you know how many to get and what size? The newborn size supposedly lasts for just such a short time that it might not make sense to buy clothes in that size. But what will the baby wear in the meantime? Then you have to get hats, mittens, socks, shirts, pants, onesies. It doesn’t help nor does it make sense that department stores in the Philippine are segregated by brand and not by item type. Confused people (like me) end up having to scour the entire floor just to make sure I’m getting the right ones for the right price.

Food – I will breastfeed. To make sure this happens one way or another, I’m reading breast feeding books and thankfully, my parents are sponsoring a breast pump, feeding bottles, breast pads, and everything else that has the word ‘breast’ in it.

Diapers – We will use cloth diapers. There’s so many different kinds though that most recommend getting a few of each type to figure out which one will work best for you and for the baby’s body type. All-in-one’s, pockets, pre-folds, covers, flats, snappis.  I’m a bit obsessed about cloth diapers right now. It’s overwhelming but I can’t wait to use them.

Yep, in the past couple of weeks we’ve finally started to get ready for the baby’s arrival. We’ve cleared up some space in the closet and in the cabinets anticipating for the baby’s things. It’s hard on the pocket but it’s getting really exciting and it feels more real that a baby will soon live with us when we start to accumulate baby-related things in the house.

As of this post I should be about 23 weeks and 6 days buntis.  The summer heat is unbearable at times and I am just grateful that my belly is not that huge yet. I’ve figured out that my big boobs make my belly seem smaller and I bet some people still wonder whether I am really pregnant or I’m just fat. I can’t believe we’re almost at the third trimester.