false labor

September 1, 2011

I never understood how women can falsely think they’re in labor until it happened to me last Saturday. We went in for our weekly doctor’s checkup, she did an internal examination (IE) to see how I’m progressing and as soon as we got home from Makati Med, I felt my first ever contraction. The OB did warn us that the IE could trigger labor but I thought nothing of it since nothing happened during the last IE. ¬†I always wondered what contractions would feel like but as soon as I felt it, there was no doubt in my mind what it was.

I tried to time them as I’ve been told to do but they came irregularly. They came too often actually, coming in every couple of minutes and lasting an average of 30 seconds each. I tried to just go through with the day we planned. We cleaned the apartment, setup the crib, and since I really thought I’d be checking in the hospital soon, I tried to eat – they don’t let you eat once you’re in the hospital. ūüėź

The day went on, tried to walk around at Greenbelt, had mass, and still, the contractions came throughout the day. Since they never really got any stronger and I had no other labor signs like my water breaking, my OB said I didn’t need to go into the hospital yet. ¬†Nevertheless, we packed up all our hospital stuff in the car thinking that it could happen at any time.

Well, it didn’t happen. By Sunday morning, there were no more contractions. It was just as if my body and the baby were practicing for the real thing. Now, it’s just a waiting game. Waiting for the contractions to come again or for some other labor sign to show up. I wonder when…

As of my count, today, I am 38 weeks and 2 days buntis. The OB says I’m only 1cm dilated so far but the cervix is loose already. Oh yeah, and we made it to September, yay!


Contractions & Pain

August 25, 2011

I have no idea what real labor contractions will feel like. I’ve read some descriptions about them but it’s still hard for me to imagine what it will really feel like. When I’m walking, my belly gets ‘hard’ and supposedly that is Braxton Hicks Contractions but not the real thing. From what I’ve read and heard, real contractions will feel something like menstrual cramps. Hmm.

I want to attempt an all natural, drug free birth. Yep, I’m a hippie like that. But now that it’s getting closer and closer, I’m starting to doubt my pain tolerance capability especially since it’s my first time and I really have no idea how the contractions and the pain will feel. Anyway, I’ve always said that I will be open to taking drugs if I really can’t handle the pain anymore but I’m still hoping that I will be able to handle it.

As of today, I’m 37 weeks and 2 days buntis. My new OB uses the date of my last menstrual period to calculate so according to her I’m already 37 weeks and 6 days. By the time that we go for our weekly check-up on Saturday, I will be 38 weeks and 1 day according to her count. I already feel some pressure down below and it feels like the baby is already positioning his head in the proper place – at least this is what I think I’m feeling. It looks like there’s a chance this baby will not wait until September.

I also noticed that I unintentionally published 9 blog entries during the 1st trimester, 9 blog entries during the 2nd trimester, and this is the 9th entry of the 3rd trimester. Does this mean that I will only have 9 blog entries for the 3rd trimester as well? A sign that the baby is coming out very soon?

stretch marks

August 10, 2011

¬†They came out of nowhere. One day I didn’t have them and the next day, I did. They’re pink and they look raw. Skin being pulled as far as it can stretch. It’s just not right. Supposedly, it is genetic and you can slather on as much lotion as you want but sometimes, there’s just no way to avoid having them.

Yes, I now have stretch marks. There, I said it. Now let’s try to move on.

Today, I am 35 weeks and 1 day buntis. I’m on the verge of being ‘full term’ and we’re now upgraded to weekly OB visits. The hospital bag is practically packed – tick, tock, tick, tock.

hospital stay

July 25, 2011

I started feeling sick right when I woke up on Saturday morning but just tried to brush it off thinking that it was just normal 3rd trimester morning sickness. I started to get worried though by the afternoon when I had already thrown-up 4 times even though I didn’t eat a lot the entire day. We decided to just play it safe and go to Makati Med for a check-up by around 11pm.

When we arrived at the Labore & Delivery area, we saw our friend Maui sitting in the waiting area! His wife, Mavic, was already inside and in labor. To make a long story short, I was admitted because they were worried about me being too dehydrated and from the fetal monitor they saw that I was having mild contractions and the heart rate was a bit high.

I was diagnosed with acute gastroentritis so they hooked me up to an IV and let me sleep while being hooked up to the fetal monitor. After a few hours, both our heart rates were down (normal) and I was feeling much better. I was anxious to go home but they wouldn’t discharge me until my OB said so. Argh. It was a long waiting game waiting for the OB to arrive. I much preferred to have rested and recovered at home. ¬†I really don’t understand the mentality of hospitals here in the Philippines were they separate pregnant women from their husbands/families so they are left off to be by themselves. It’s so much more stressful to be by yourself. I wish the medical community in this country would realize that there is something wrong with their policies about labor and delivery. ¬†Anyway, we got so frustrated waiting for my OB and having a hard time contacting her that we are actually now considering switching OBs to one that we can easily communicate with. Fortunately, she finally arrived around dinner time on Sunday and signed our discharge papers.

¬†The good thing about this hospital stay was that we can say that we were there when Gab Millan was born! Tin, Apol, and Miguel also visited us since they were there to visit the Millan’s. Here’s the new baby in the nursery. Newborns are so tiny and cute. These two look so innocent and peaceful! I can’t believe something like that can fit in my belly!

As of today, I’m 32 weeks and 6 days buntis. Only a few weeks more to go and we will soon have our own squishy!

32nd week

July 20, 2011

As of today, I’m 32 weeks and 1 day buntis. Yikes, we’re officially into the 8th month. 2 months to go more or less.

Last week I washed the clothes we have so far and did diaper laundry to make sure they’re all ready and clean.

We also had our last birthing class this past Sunday. It felt like a crash course. We should’ve taken better notes. Being the procrastinator that I am, I’m hoping to be able to cram the material in my head before labor actually starts. Now that I type this, it’s probably not a good plan to have. Hahaha!

I measured my belly this morning and it’s exactly at 32cm. Looks like we are on track. The belly measurement (in cm) is supposed to correspond to how many weeks you’re pregnant.

Now we just wait…tick, tock, tick, tock.

third trimester

June 23, 2011

We’re officially in the third trimester! It’s going by very fast and very slow at the same time. It’s anxiety and excitement all rolled into one weird feeling.

Since yesterday, the baby has been more active than usual. It’s as if he just learned how to do cart wheels and is constantly practicing. We’re now past the soft nudges and flutters, he’s definitely using all his might and exploring a lot more now. It’s still surprising sometimes but overall I don’t mind. I’d rather feel him moving than worrying about not feeling any movement.

Last Sunday, we went to our first birthing class with Chiqui Brosas-Hahn. There were probably 20 other couples there, all expecting their first babies and all due around the same time give or take a month or two. Overall, I had a very positive experience and I thought the class went well. It gave us a good idea of what to watch out for and what to expect. The classes last for 3 hours and occurs one day (Sunday) a week. We have 3 more classes to go so I’ll write a separate post on the birthing classes soon.

So far, it’s still early but the third trimester is the most uncomfortable one. I go to the bathroom way too often to pee. My belly feels so heavy all of a sudden. It’s harder to find the right sleeping position at night. It’s harder to sit comfortably. It takes a lot more effort (and grunting) to bend down when I have to pick something up. To top it all off, I’m hungry all the time! Oh wait, that last one is not new.

As of this post, I should be around 28 weeks and 2 days buntis. Approximately only 12 more weeks left. Next week, I’ll go to Makati Med for OGCT – Oral Glucose Challenge Test – to see if I’ve developed gestational diabetes. I hope I’ll pass!

random status updates

June 9, 2011

Our last monthly doctor’s check-up was held last week (May 31). She used the doppler and after searching around my belly area for a minute or two, we all heard a strong heart beat. As always, it’s a reassuring to hear the heart beat. It confirms that there really is a growing human being inside my body and I’m just not over eating for no reason.

My weight gain was on track averaging at about 1 lb per week since the second trimester started. The doctor actually seemed a bit surprised that I’ve managed to keep it in control so far. I’m even wondering if she was that surprised because she has a secret spy cam installed in our house and she sees all the food I’m eating. Hmmm. ¬†Anyway, since this pregnancy started I think I’ve gained a total of 11 lbs so far. The doctor says that the third trimester though is the part where most of the weight gain usually happens and when the appetite increases. Yikes.

I’ve also been feeling movement in random parts of the belly now and not just at the bottom part. It’s all still mostly on the right side only though. I’m also still not sure what kind of movement I’m feeling – whether they’re kicks, tumbles, or hiccups. Whatever they are, just like the doppler, being able to feel the baby movements is reassuring. So far they don’t hurt at all and it’s just amusing.

As for sleeping, I’ve had no problems so far. There was one night recently when I couldn’t sleep until I got up and ate a bowl of Cocoa Crunch Duo. Yumm! I’ve also been trying to sleep on my left side rather than on my back. I’m more of a back sleeper but it’s getting uncomfortable now with such a heavy load on top. In various pregnancy resources, the recommended sleeping position is on the left side for improved blood flow and to help your kidney efficiently eliminate waste. Something like that. I’m a sucker for everything I read off of Google searches.

As of this post, I should be around 26 weeks and 2 days buntis – a.k.a. my 27th week. This means that next week, I will be on my 28th week and I will be starting the third trimester! At least I think that’s how it’s computed. I still get confused sometimes about calculating which trimester starts on what week.