maternity leave

September 5, 2011

Today is the first day of my maternity leave. I scheduled it to start 1 week before my due date (Sept 13) and at first I thought it was too risky to schedule it so late since my friends who have given birth recently all gave birth a couple of weeks early. Apparently not.

This baby seems quite content in the womb so far. Maybe a little too content since I have no labor signs yet. Not even after the latest checkup last Saturday when the OB did another IE. Renz thinks the baby is OC and just wants to come out on his due date. I just hope he doesn’t come out past the due date. I’m a Project Manager – this baby can’t be delayed!

As of today, I am 38 weeks and 6 days buntis. Still only 1cm dilated as of the last checkup. The OB is now talking about induction if I go past my due date. Argh. I really don’t want to have to be induced. She even asked me to take Evening Primrose Oil already to try to naturally induce the birth.

According to the What to Expect When You’re Expecting iPhone App, the baby is approximately as big as a small watermelon.

Now, what shall I do now that I’m on leave?


34 weeks

August 2, 2011

Today is the start of the 34th week! Only a couple more weeks until I’m considered ‘full term’. It’s scary and exciting all in one.

Since our brief hospital stay, last week we’ve met with the new OB and the Pediatrician we’ll go with. I’m feeling confident that we finally have THE team that will bring this baby out of my body and into the world.

The new OB was recommended to us by our friend that just gave birth last week. I think she is easier to speak with and will do her best to make sure we have a normal delivery and I really hope she will avoid an unnecessary CS as much as possible.

The Pediatrician was recommended as a ‘breast feeding advocate’ and we got more intrigued about her when we learned that she is one of the few that practices homepathic medicine.

It’s all coming together just in time. 🙂

hospital stay

July 25, 2011

I started feeling sick right when I woke up on Saturday morning but just tried to brush it off thinking that it was just normal 3rd trimester morning sickness. I started to get worried though by the afternoon when I had already thrown-up 4 times even though I didn’t eat a lot the entire day. We decided to just play it safe and go to Makati Med for a check-up by around 11pm.

When we arrived at the Labore & Delivery area, we saw our friend Maui sitting in the waiting area! His wife, Mavic, was already inside and in labor. To make a long story short, I was admitted because they were worried about me being too dehydrated and from the fetal monitor they saw that I was having mild contractions and the heart rate was a bit high.

I was diagnosed with acute gastroentritis so they hooked me up to an IV and let me sleep while being hooked up to the fetal monitor. After a few hours, both our heart rates were down (normal) and I was feeling much better. I was anxious to go home but they wouldn’t discharge me until my OB said so. Argh. It was a long waiting game waiting for the OB to arrive. I much preferred to have rested and recovered at home.  I really don’t understand the mentality of hospitals here in the Philippines were they separate pregnant women from their husbands/families so they are left off to be by themselves. It’s so much more stressful to be by yourself. I wish the medical community in this country would realize that there is something wrong with their policies about labor and delivery.  Anyway, we got so frustrated waiting for my OB and having a hard time contacting her that we are actually now considering switching OBs to one that we can easily communicate with. Fortunately, she finally arrived around dinner time on Sunday and signed our discharge papers.

 The good thing about this hospital stay was that we can say that we were there when Gab Millan was born! Tin, Apol, and Miguel also visited us since they were there to visit the Millan’s. Here’s the new baby in the nursery. Newborns are so tiny and cute. These two look so innocent and peaceful! I can’t believe something like that can fit in my belly!

As of today, I’m 32 weeks and 6 days buntis. Only a few weeks more to go and we will soon have our own squishy!


July 12, 2011

 I haven’t blogged lately not because I haven’t had any new updates about this pregnancy but because I haven’t had any inspirations for any new drawings. So, as much as I’d love to maintain this blog purely utilizing my amazing drawings, we are now moving on to equally amazing (and more convenient) photos.

The card shown here is what I received in the mail today from Mapet! Yay, I love getting mail (excluding bills)! Lately, packages have been arriving too – all the stuff I’ve ordered online for the baby. I’m definitely ‘nesting’ now as I try to make sure that we will have everything we will need and figuring out how to fit everything in the space we have.

Yesterday we had another doctor’s check-up. Heart beat was heard loud and clear with the doppler and we are now upgraded to seeing her bi-weekly (as opposed to once a month). Weight gain is still under control and I got the glucose tolerance test results. I was cleared from having gestational diabetes! I was kind of surprised because my results showed 66.41 and everything under 140 is ‘normal’. I just didn’t know that I’d be that far off from having GD. Anyway it was kind of ironic but I insisted we celebrate with Dairy Queen for dessert.

The baby’s movements are a lot stronger now. I’m trying to get a video recording of when I can physically see my belly moving but I haven’t managed to catch it in action yet. As for my pre-natal care, I love that my OB still doesn’t over-prescribe anything for me. Aside from my daily dose of Elevit (prenatal vitamin), she just tells me to watch what I eat and to try to eat healthy things. No unnecessary mommy milk and no other supplements.

Today marks the start of the 31st week of this pregnancy. We are down to the single-digit countdown – 9 more weeks of being buntis to go!

pre-natal care

April 5, 2011

I used to be addicted to Advil. Ok, not really addicted but it was definitely my medicine of choice for whatever symptom I felt. I didn’t really care for other types of medicine and always hoped for the best that my body and nature would take its course to free me from whatever virus or bacteria I had. Anyway, ever since I got pregnant, I’ve stopped taking Advil since my friend Google says that pregnant people should stay away from drugs, even over-the-counter types. It’s been 3 whole months without taking any Advil and it turns out that I can live without it! Who knew?!

I assumed at first that pre-natal care would be very high maintenance and involve a whole slew of pregnancy-related drugs.  Turns out I got an OB that believes natural is better. Yay! I thought she’d ask me to take Iron supplements since I’m a little bit anemic but she said that those are stinky and would probably make me puke so I should just increase my intake of green leafy vegetables for additional Iron. All she’s prescribed for me for the first tri-mester was a daily dose of folic acid and a healthy diet.

During our last visit (at 16 weeks) she finally prescribed some multivitamins to replace the folic acid since we’re moving on to the maintenance phase and the baby needs more nutrition. I told her that I still have 20 pcs of folic acid and she said that it was fine that I just take those until I finish them before I need to move on to the multivitamins.

Even though there were moments when I did get worried about the type of pre-natal care I was receiving when I heard from other pregnant people about all the supplements and Mommy-milk formula (Amnum) they’re taking, I’m actually glad I have this kind of an OB rather than one that over-prescribes all sorts of unnecessary drugs. Let’s eat healthy and let nature take it’s course (as much as possible) and trust that women have been doing this for centuries without the aid of artificial supplements. As of today, I should be about 17 weeks buntis.