solids & BLW

February 26, 2012

Yesterday, we got the ‘go’ signal from the Pediatrician. We initially wanted to wait until he was 6 months old but since he is already practically 5 1/2 and showed signs of readiness, we decided to go for it a couple of weeks earlier than planned. So today, we went to the Sunday Legaspi Market and bought a bunch of organic veggies that we will try as his first solids.

At first I planned to make homemade baby food – no store-bought jarred baby food for us! But then I learned about something even better – Baby-Led Weaning (BLW). To summarize in one paragraph, according to a BabyCenter forum:

The biggest component of BLW is in its name, baby led. This means the parent does not feed the child, the child feeds themselves from the start. There is no spoon feeding or purees in BLW. Parents offer table foods in manageable pieces and the child gets to explore and eventually eat. You will often hear the word “offer” in discussing BLW instead of “feed”. This is because parents only offer and the baby gets to choose (remember, baby-led!).

It made so much sense as a natural progression from on-demand breast feeding. I got so excited about it, I immediately reserved a copy of THE book from Fully Booked and started to read as much as I can about how to go about it from the Internet.

So today, we broke our first BLW rule (waiting until 6 months) and started Milo off with his first real experience with solids. Plan A was to offer him avocados since it’s loaded with good kinds of fat, it’s in season, and because it’s my personal favorite! The avocado I got from the market was not ripe enough though so we went with Plan B – steamed carrots.

Must get it in my mouth!

Is this how it works?

Gah! Hands are so over-rated! Nom nom nom!

There were a couple of times I got nervous because he gagged. But from what I’ve read, there is a clear difference between gagging and choking so I tried not to be too worried. It’s all a part of his learning experience. He did manage to get a few pieces in his mouth but most of the carrots actually ended up on the floor. All in all though, I think it was a successful first attempt with solids.