seven months old

April 17, 2012

Dear Milo,

You turned 7 months old last Saturday so I’m a little bit delayed with this blog post because you have not been feeling well for a few days now. We did take your monthly photo last Saturday and since you were feeling unwell, it was hard to get you to smile for the camera.

Before you got sick, this past month was a momentous one for us. You reached a lot of physical milestones. You love to stand and take steps while your Daddy assists you. Every chance you get, you try to pull yourself up into standing position. Your legs are still wobbly when you do this so it scares me to death. It got to a point where you wanted to constantly exercise your muscles and move all the time. Diaper changes were becoming a regular wrestling match between us.

This past month, we also celebrated Holy Week. We took your for your first Visita Iglesia around Laguna, you experienced your first procession in Makati, and we went swimming in a pool for the first time! I thought you would be scared in the pool but you really had fun splashing around and sometimes, even tasting the pool water. I can’t wait to take you swimming again. Maybe we can enroll in swimming lessons or go to the beach sometime soon.

Unfortunately, since you got sick, you have lost your appetite and your energy. We’re doing everything we can now to take care of you so you can get back in good health. I hope you get better real soon. I miss my wrestling my malikot baby.

P.S. The bamboo tree is not dying. Daddy just cut the leaves off since it’s Summer now and the unbearable heat makes it hard for the tree to survive with so many leaves. Something like that.

month-by-month photo


One Response to “seven months old”

  1. katochan Says:

    I really hope you get well soon, Milo, so that you can start walking around and wrestling with your mom again. 🙂

    By the way, you’re growing up to be a really good-looking baby boy. The I-didn’t-know-my-picture-was-being-taken look works on you! Hehehe

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