Ten months old

July 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

You can now walk! Well, sort of… You are fearless and can confidently walk while pushing your cart/walker and you take a few steps on your own! Most of the time, I’m more scared to let go than you are. There were also a couple of times that you were able to standup without having to lean on anything.

Our days are spent with you moving around all over the house exploring every nook and cranny. You go up and down the stairs, you reach for all the wires and plugs and everything you’re not supposed to play with. There is no such thing as ‘sitting still’ in your vocabulary. You do sit for longer periods in your car seat now and that makes car rides so much better for all of us.

This past month was also when you started to really eat food. Before, you enjoyed food but you would just taste or play it. You do eat practically everything we offer you but you seem to love watermelon, noodles, yogurt, and grapes the most.

You are babbling more and more now as if you really have a lot to say. When we say ‘NO’ and you’re unhappy about it, you answer back and complain! We may not understand the words you’re trying to say but the tone of what your saying is loud and clear.  When you are happy though, you have learned to make the cutest face. You smile, scrunch up your nose, and your eyes squint until they’re practically closed.  You’ve made so many department stores sales ladies ‘aww’ by flirting with them when you make this pa-cute face.

You still have a major case of stranger anxiety. For some reason, you don’t like anyone else holding you. You will play with people and smile at them but you will cry your eyes out when someone else tries to carry you. I do hope we get over this phase soon because although everyone says you look skinny, you are actually getting heavy!

Oh, and this morning I saw one of your top teeth coming out!

month-by-month photo comparison


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