buntis card

February 24, 2011

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a tummy and a penchant for loose dresses. Even before I was buntis (or even married) I would always be insulted when I hear people assume or even dare ask if I was pregnant.

At the airport the other day, as soon as I approached the counter to check-in, the ground stewardess immediately asked ‘pregnant?’. If I were not buntis, I would’ve given her an ear-ful about how rude it is to assume that I was pregnant and demanded to speak with her manager. Actually I found it really insulting because I’m not even really showing yet! I could’ve really just been a normal non-pregnant chubby woman. Lucky for that girl, I realized that I am now a Buntis Card holder so I just said ‘yes’ with a smile and I asked if she could place us in seats as close to the front as possible due to my ‘condition’. Thanks to the Buntis Card, we were placed in Row 2. Yay! I always prefer sitting as close to the front as possible.

Yes, I will definitely milk this pregnancy for whatever I can.

As of this post, I’m around 11 weeks and 2 days buntis.