baby name

May 25, 2011

A few years ago, Fernando Poe Jr. just died and I was watching a TV special about his life with some friends. Some guy named Paquito Diaz was interviewed and I made a comment about how that name – Paquito – would be a cute baby name. Apparently, this was a big no-no in the Philippines. Since Paquito Diaz played the ‘bad guy’ roles in movies, that name is automatically connected to the roles he portrayed. I’ve decided long ago that if I ever had a baby, I would not name my kid ‘Paquito’ just to avoid all the negative things people will say. It’s been about 3 years since then and now my friends who were there with me won’t let me forget that comment I made and until now, annoyingly still refer to the baby as ‘Paquito’.

Choosing a name for the baby is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing. I think the responsibility of giving another human being a name that they will have to use for the rest of their lives is just too much. Based on my own experiences where I have a nickname that does not at all seem connected to my real first name, we’ve decided we wanted to just pick one short and simple name that will also be used as the nickname. It’s just too confusing to have more than one real name that never gets used and having to explain it to people all the time. I also just don’t understand why people give their kids 2 formal names and then end up calling them ‘Ding Dong’. If you wanted to call your kid ‘Ding Dong’ that’s what you should’ve named him!

Now the suggestions for baby names are coming in. Before we found out the gender of the baby, my mom suggested that we use the name ‘Florence’ if it’s a girl and Clarence, Terence, or any other name that ends with ‘ence’ if it’s a boy because Renz’s name is LawRENCE. My mom also suggested ‘Lomi’ as a combination of Lawrence and Miriam. 😐

My 7 year old niece suggested ‘Gudicello’ because she has a crush on a local actor (that I’ve never even heard of) named Matteo Guidicelli. 😐 My brother in law suggested ‘Diego’ which I agree, is cute but is probably too common these days. He also said if we used Diego for the baby now and we have a baby girl next, we can name her ‘Dora’. 😐

Right now, we do have a name that we already call the baby and will most likely give him. Funny enough, it is connected to one of my mom’s suggestions. I’m just not ready to announce it to the world. Whether we ask or not, I know people will voice their opinions about our chosen name and I just don’t care to hear about it yet.

As of today, I should be 24 weeks and 1 day buntis.  I hope the baby will not look like my drawing.