due date

September 13, 2011

Today is the due date! We finally made it all the way to 40 weeks!

We have an appointment this morning with the OB to induce labor but its looking like it might not be needed. The contractions started up again last night – randomly and irregular. They continued and woke me up early this morning. I think this is it! Hee her hooo!


any day now

September 7, 2011

That’s what I’ve been telling everyone when I get asked when the baby will come. That’s what I tell myself too. This is now my 3rd day on my leave and I am bored. I’ve even checked work email every day while I started my ‘leave’. I guess I should just really try to enjoy the last few days that I have left.

As of today, I should be 39 weeks and 1 day buntis. Less than a week left supposedly until the due date which is more like a deadline really. I always thought that I would be expected to give birth + or – a couple of weeks within the due date but everyone, my OB included, is acting like the due date is a deadline rather than a guesstimate.

Yesterday, I started to take Buscopan as advised by the OB to help things move along – supposedly. So far, no new labor signs. The baby is still moving well though so I’m trying not to worry about it.

maternity leave

September 5, 2011

Today is the first day of my maternity leave. I scheduled it to start 1 week before my due date (Sept 13) and at first I thought it was too risky to schedule it so late since my friends who have given birth recently all gave birth a couple of weeks early. Apparently not.

This baby seems quite content in the womb so far. Maybe a little too content since I have no labor signs yet. Not even after the latest checkup last Saturday when the OB did another IE. Renz thinks the baby is OC and just wants to come out on his due date. I just hope he doesn’t come out past the due date. I’m a Project Manager – this baby can’t be delayed!

As of today, I am 38 weeks and 6 days buntis. Still only 1cm dilated as of the last checkup. The OB is now talking about induction if I go past my due date. Argh. I really don’t want to have to be induced. She even asked me to take Evening Primrose Oil already to try to naturally induce the birth.

According to the What to Expect When You’re Expecting iPhone App, the baby is approximately as big as a small watermelon.

Now, what shall I do now that I’m on leave?

false labor

September 1, 2011

I never understood how women can falsely think they’re in labor until it happened to me last Saturday. We went in for our weekly doctor’s checkup, she did an internal examination (IE) to see how I’m progressing and as soon as we got home from Makati Med, I felt my first ever contraction. The OB did warn us that the IE could trigger labor but I thought nothing of it since nothing happened during the last IE. ┬áI always wondered what contractions would feel like but as soon as I felt it, there was no doubt in my mind what it was.

I tried to time them as I’ve been told to do but they came irregularly. They came too often actually, coming in every couple of minutes and lasting an average of 30 seconds each. I tried to just go through with the day we planned. We cleaned the apartment, setup the crib, and since I really thought I’d be checking in the hospital soon, I tried to eat – they don’t let you eat once you’re in the hospital. ­čśÉ

The day went on, tried to walk around at Greenbelt, had mass, and still, the contractions came throughout the day. Since they never really got any stronger and I had no other labor signs like my water breaking, my OB said I didn’t need to go into the hospital yet. ┬áNevertheless, we packed up all our hospital stuff in the car thinking that it could happen at any time.

Well, it didn’t happen. By Sunday morning, there were no more contractions. It was just as if my body and the baby were practicing for the real thing. Now, it’s just a waiting game. Waiting for the contractions to come again or for some other labor sign to show up. I wonder when…

As of my count, today, I am 38 weeks and 2 days buntis. The OB says I’m only 1cm dilated so far but the cervix is loose already. Oh yeah, and we made it to September, yay!

Contractions & Pain

August 25, 2011

I have no idea what real labor contractions will feel like. I’ve read some descriptions about them but it’s still hard for me to imagine what it will really feel like. When I’m walking, my belly gets ‘hard’ and supposedly that is Braxton Hicks Contractions but not the real thing. From what I’ve read and heard, real contractions will feel something like menstrual cramps. Hmm.

I want to attempt an all natural, drug free birth. Yep, I’m a hippie like that. But now that it’s getting closer and closer, I’m starting to doubt my pain tolerance capability especially since it’s my first time and I really have no idea how the contractions and the pain will feel. Anyway, I’ve always said that I will be open to taking drugs if I really can’t handle the pain anymore but I’m still hoping that I will be able to handle it.

As of today, I’m 37 weeks and 2 days buntis. My new OB uses the date of my last menstrual period to calculate so according to her I’m already 37 weeks and 6 days. By the time that we go for our weekly check-up on Saturday, I will be 38 weeks and 1 day according to her count. I already feel some pressure down below and it feels like the baby is already positioning his head in the proper place – at least this is what I think I’m feeling. It looks like there’s a chance this baby will not wait until September.

I also noticed that I unintentionally published 9 blog entries during the 1st trimester, 9 blog entries during the 2nd trimester, and this is the 9th entry of the 3rd trimester. Does this mean that I will only have 9 blog entries for the 3rd trimester as well? A sign that the baby is coming out very soon?

baby shower

August 16, 2011

We had the baby shower last Saturday! THANKS to all the friends who made it all possible, walked up the stairs to our rooftop, and generously brought gifts for the baby.

This baby is truly blessed to have so many caring people already a part of his life. Special thanks to Kat and Cherry who first suggested the idea of having a baby shower and prepared for the games (guess how big the belly is, beer drinking contest from baby bottles) and prizes (candy galore).

It was really a great night to be able to spend time with friends eating lots of food and drinking. Maybe one can say as ‘one last time’ before the baby comes and our lives completely change.

As of today, I am 36 weeks buntis – the start of the 37th week. I am technically ‘full term’ and should pop ideally any day between now and the 13th of September.

stretch marks

August 10, 2011

┬áThey came out of nowhere. One day I didn’t have them and the next day, I did. They’re pink and they look raw. Skin being pulled as far as it can stretch. It’s just not right. Supposedly, it is genetic and you can slather on as much lotion as you want but sometimes, there’s just no way to avoid having them.

Yes, I now have stretch marks. There, I said it. Now let’s try to move on.

Today, I am 35 weeks and 1 day buntis. I’m on the verge of being ‘full term’ and we’re now upgraded to weekly OB visits. The hospital bag is practically packed – tick, tock, tick, tock.