five months old

February 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

During this past month, I saw you becoming more and more aware of your surroundings and the world. You are definitely not a newborn anymore and you can let us know what you want. You know who your  mom and dad are and you recognize your favorite toys. You also have a very loud voice that you use frequently to tell us when you are unhappy! But, when you laugh and giggle, it’s such music to my ears! I love hearing you laugh and I’ve made all the silliest faces and silliest sounds I can think of just to hear you giggle.

You’ve become a lot more active this past month. You can completely roll-over now and move your body in the strangest positions. You even roll in your sleep and you end up waking yourself up and crying probably wondering how you ended up in that position.

You love going out and going for car rides. The problem is you’re so eager to sit up that you’re not content lying on your car seat for long periods of time anymore. You’re actually getting a little too long for your current car seat so we have to look into upgrading it.

You’ve also mastered the art of grabbing. Anything that comes within your reach, you grab it. We have to be careful now of what we place within your reach. So far, no accidents though.

Your favorite way to learn and discover is still by putting everything in your mouth. You still put all of your fingers in your mouth but sometimes, you do manage to favor your thumb only.

The bad news is that you and I are both shedding a lot of hair.  According to the Internet, it’s still part of the pregnancy hormones adjusting in our bodies. You now have a bald spot on the back of your head and it seems to be getting bigger still. Supposedly, it’s quite normal and it’s just your baby hair making space for your ‘real’ hair but right now, it does look a little funny. Poor baby. Don’t worry, we have hats to cover it up. 🙂

One more month to go and we’ll start giving you solids! What do you want to eat first?



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