four months old

January 14, 2012

Dear Milo,

In the past month, there were a lot of firsts for you! First Christmas, first New Year’s Eve, first road trip to Dagupan, first wedding, and first times to roll over!

We went to a few holiday parties but you didn’t really like being in a large group with a lot of noise so you spent a lot of time crying – probably asking us to take you back home. You should remember that you received a lot of christmas presents! There are so many people that love you. So much so that we have no idea where to put your stuff anymore! Our loft is more of a storage space for your toys now.

I didn’t know how you would react to all the fireworks on New Year’s Eve but surprisingly, you were not that afraid. You slept through most of it but you did wake up crying right about at midnight when there were the most fireworks.

Lately, you’ve discovered your feet and you always try to grab them especially while playing with the toys on your gyms. You love being held upright (standing up). It’s almost as if you want to start walking already! You also love it when we read books to you. The Goodnight Scout book is your favorite so far. Every time you see it, you already flash us with your biggest smile.

Tomorrow, I start work again so you will spend your afternoons with a babysitter. I’m hoping you will choose to drink your milk from a bottle while I work or else you may go hungry. Right now, you always still fight us when we try to get you to drink from a bottle.

You are a lot more playful now so I’m really excited to see how active you will get in the next couple of months. We’re also getting close to eating solids! Exciting!



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