three months old

December 14, 2011

We didn’t follow the rules of keeping everything the same this month. I really wanted a shot with Milo sitting up but the green chair is not easy to sit on for babies with no stable upper body control so we added another prop to this month’s photo.

Dear Milo,

Today you are three months old and after taking your monthly photo, we headed to DFA to apply for your first passport! I wonder where we will travel to first.

This month, you were one busy baby. We had your baptism on the 27th, when many family and friends celebrate with us. I guess you’re not used to having so much attention focused on you because you were crying practically the whole day.

You are now learning how powerful your hands are. You’ve learned to suck on your fists, toys, and anything you can get your hands on. Sometimes you are content to be left alone, sucking on your fists. No matter how much I wipe them dry, your fingers get so wet that they’re starting to look like raisins.

I think you’re also just discovering and learning how to use your voice. You really like it when you are spoken to and sometimes you answer and join in the discussion with your own squeals and sounds. You definitely have a lot on your mind and I wish we could understand everything you’re trying to say.

This month, you experienced your first taxi ride. The taxi driver was cool and calm until he heard you cry hysterically when the taxi stopped at a red light. It seems you love car rides, but you hate it when the car stops. Hmm, you might have just been born in the wrong country since traffic and stops are inevitable here in the Philippines.

Best of all, this month, we heard you giggle and you are smiling more and more now. You have even made a roomful of adults clap and cheer just by showing them one of your smiles.

Early this month, you’ve already outgrown your newborn/0-3 months clothes so I’ve packed them away. You have graduated on to the next stage of infancy and are no longer a ‘newborn’. Exciting times ahead!




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