two months old

November 14, 2011

Milo is two months old today. He’s growing up so fast, I’m afraid I won’t remember the milestones when he’s old enough to ask me about them. So, I’ll try to write them down here in a short letter for him.

Dear Milo,

I can’t believe it’s been only two months since I’ve met you. It feels a lot longer than that for some reason.  The past couple of months have definitely not been easy but they have come and gone so fast. Most of the time you are still sleeping but lately you have been more awake and aware so a lot more is happening to our days.

You’re getting so big, your 0-3 months clothes are already too tight. My arms and lower back hurt when you want to be carried all the time. You like it when we swing you in our arms and when you’re held upright (rather than lying down). It seems like you are anxious to see the world! I try to not mind when you want to be carried, because I know soon enough you’ll be walking and refusing to be carried by your mommy so for now, I will enjoy it.

Lately, you like to put your hands in your mouth as if you’re looking for the perfect finger to suck.  When we have tummy time to exercise your neck muscles, you usually spend it licking your hands and trying to stuff it in your mouth. You also like to stick your tongue out as if you want to taste everything you see!  It also seems as if you’ve just realized how powerful your voice/cry can be. Sometimes when you don’t get what you want, you cry very, very loud and make your face so red. Scandaloso! Most of the time though, you cry just because you want to be held, you’re hungry, or sleepy. No problemo, we can take care of that!

This past month, you’ve shown us your real smile and anytime I see it, I feel less tired and I forget about all the sleepless nights we’ve had (our nights are not so bad actually, you just wake up when you’re hungry and then you fall back asleep usually). You also like it when people talk to you. You now know how to make coo-ing sounds so sometimes you can answer back!

Your favorite toy so far is your polka dots pillow. We’ve seen you smile and hold lengthy conversations with that pillow. I really wonder what you see in that thing. All the other toys we try to dangle in front of you are left ignored most of the time. Oh well, as long as you understand each other and you’re happy!

I’m excited for the coming months and to see the person you are becoming. Happy 2 months Milo!



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