any day now

September 7, 2011

That’s what I’ve been telling everyone when I get asked when the baby will come. That’s what I tell myself too. This is now my 3rd day on my leave and I am bored. I’ve even checked work email every day while I started my ‘leave’. I guess I should just really try to enjoy the last few days that I have left.

As of today, I should be 39 weeks and 1 day buntis. Less than a week left supposedly until the due date which is more like a deadline really. I always thought that I would be expected to give birth + or – a couple of weeks within the due date but everyone, my OB included, is acting like the due date is a deadline rather than a guesstimate.

Yesterday, I started to take Buscopan as advised by the OB to help things move along – supposedly. So far, no new labor signs. The baby is still moving well though so I’m trying not to worry about it.


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