34 weeks

August 2, 2011

Today is the start of the 34th week! Only a couple more weeks until I’m considered ‘full term’. It’s scary and exciting all in one.

Since our brief hospital stay, last week we’ve met with the new OB and the Pediatrician we’ll go with. I’m feeling confident that we finally have THE team that will bring this baby out of my body and into the world.

The new OB was recommended to us by our friend that just gave birth last week. I think she is easier to speak with and will do her best to make sure we have a normal delivery and I really hope she will avoid an unnecessary CS as much as possible.

The Pediatrician was recommended as a ‘breast feeding advocate’ and we got more intrigued about her when we learned that she is one of the few that practices homepathic medicine.

It’s all coming together just in time. 🙂


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