July 12, 2011

 I haven’t blogged lately not because I haven’t had any new updates about this pregnancy but because I haven’t had any inspirations for any new drawings. So, as much as I’d love to maintain this blog purely utilizing my amazing drawings, we are now moving on to equally amazing (and more convenient) photos.

The card shown here is what I received in the mail today from Mapet! Yay, I love getting mail (excluding bills)! Lately, packages have been arriving too – all the stuff I’ve ordered online for the baby. I’m definitely ‘nesting’ now as I try to make sure that we will have everything we will need and figuring out how to fit everything in the space we have.

Yesterday we had another doctor’s check-up. Heart beat was heard loud and clear with the doppler and we are now upgraded to seeing her bi-weekly (as opposed to once a month). Weight gain is still under control and I got the glucose tolerance test results. I was cleared from having gestational diabetes! I was kind of surprised because my results showed 66.41 and everything under 140 is ‘normal’. I just didn’t know that I’d be that far off from having GD. Anyway it was kind of ironic but I insisted we celebrate with Dairy Queen for dessert.

The baby’s movements are a lot stronger now. I’m trying to get a video recording of when I can physically see my belly moving but I haven’t managed to catch it in action yet. As for my pre-natal care, I love that my OB still doesn’t over-prescribe anything for me. Aside from my daily dose of Elevit (prenatal vitamin), she just tells me to watch what I eat and to try to eat healthy things. No unnecessary mommy milk and no other supplements.

Today marks the start of the 31st week of this pregnancy. We are down to the single-digit countdown – 9 more weeks of being buntis to go!


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