It’s a…

April 27, 2011

This morning we went for the 20-week ultrasound (a.k.a. anatomy ultrasound, congenital anomaly scan, gender scan). Since we are half-way through the pregnancy, our main purpose was to get another peek at the baby and see if everything is developing as it should be. Although they can’t give us a 100% guarantee that they can see everything, we still wanted to push through with it since it was a non evasive procedure.

Fortunately, everything looked normal or right on track. Unfortunately, the baby was a bit shy and was covering the face so the Sonologist was not able to get a clear look on that part of the body.

We were also looking forward to this ultrasound to find out what the gender is. All along, ever since the beginning of the pregnancy I thought the baby was a girl because my father in law sent me a Chinese gender prediction chart that said it will be a girl. Ever since then I’ve mentally convinced myself that it’s a girl and we even referred to the baby as ‘she’ or ‘her’. I was definitely surprised when the Sonologist said that the baby is a BOY! The ultrasound pictures provided were a bit dark but the Sonologist said that she was 100% sure that what she saw in the monitor were boy genitals.

We don’t really care what the gender is as long as the baby is healthy but this was definitely a surprise. Good thing we didn’t buy any girly clothes yet! As of today’s ultrasound, I’m now 20 weeks and 5 days buntis and the new estimated due date is September 7, 2011.


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