first kicks

April 25, 2011

According to the baby books and Internet sources, pregnant women should start to feel their baby move between 16-24 weeks. I was really starting to worry because people always asked if I’ve already felt the baby move but I felt nothing…until a few days ago.

It was Thursday, April 21 and we rode on a banka on our way to Palaui Island in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I was seated towards the middle so I could really feel the vibrations from the engine. We started on our way and then I felt it (I think). It felt like bubbles popping – this is really the best description I can think of. It’s definitely a different feeling from gas or tummy growls so I was almost 100% sure it was the baby moving. I think the baby got excited to be on a banka and on the water. 🙂

As of today, I should be around 19 weeks and 6 days buntis. On Wednesday, we are scheduled for the 20-week ultrasound.


One Response to “first kicks”

  1. suc Says:

    Hi, I’m now on my 20th week of pregnancy. we’re planning to spend the Holy week in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I’m from Manila and afraid that something might happen on our way to Sta. Ana via land.

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