pre-natal care

April 5, 2011

I used to be addicted to Advil. Ok, not really addicted but it was definitely my medicine of choice for whatever symptom I felt. I didn’t really care for other types of medicine and always hoped for the best that my body and nature would take its course to free me from whatever virus or bacteria I had. Anyway, ever since I got pregnant, I’ve stopped taking Advil since my friend Google says that pregnant people should stay away from drugs, even over-the-counter types. It’s been 3 whole months without taking any Advil and it turns out that I can live without it! Who knew?!

I assumed at first that pre-natal care would be very high maintenance and involve a whole slew of pregnancy-related drugs.  Turns out I got an OB that believes natural is better. Yay! I thought she’d ask me to take Iron supplements since I’m a little bit anemic but she said that those are stinky and would probably make me puke so I should just increase my intake of green leafy vegetables for additional Iron. All she’s prescribed for me for the first tri-mester was a daily dose of folic acid and a healthy diet.

During our last visit (at 16 weeks) she finally prescribed some multivitamins to replace the folic acid since we’re moving on to the maintenance phase and the baby needs more nutrition. I told her that I still have 20 pcs of folic acid and she said that it was fine that I just take those until I finish them before I need to move on to the multivitamins.

Even though there were moments when I did get worried about the type of pre-natal care I was receiving when I heard from other pregnant people about all the supplements and Mommy-milk formula (Amnum) they’re taking, I’m actually glad I have this kind of an OB rather than one that over-prescribes all sorts of unnecessary drugs. Let’s eat healthy and let nature take it’s course (as much as possible) and trust that women have been doing this for centuries without the aid of artificial supplements. As of today, I should be about 17 weeks buntis.


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