baby bump

March 18, 2011

Ok, I haven’t really been totally honest of my self-portraits on this blog. I don’t really have a triangle shaped body, and way before I got pregnant it was shaped more like a ‘B’ from a side-view.

For the past few weeks, my clothes have definitely been getting tighter or no longer fit. It would be natural to assume then that my body is getting bigger and a baby bump is starting to form. I’ve looked at the mirror every day for the past couple of weeks to try to distinguish whether or not I’m finally looking at an actual baby bump or just my regular body fat but I still can’t tell. Sometimes I convince myself that it does look different and a bit rounder but maybe it’s all just in my head.

As of this post, I should be about 14 weeks and 3 days buntis which means I’m officially in my second trimester! Wooot! Before I immersed myself in pregnancy forums and websites I thought that each trimester would just be 9 months/3 = 3 months or 12 weeks long. So why does the second trimester begin on the 14th week? Apparently, while you may technically be 14 weeks pregnant already, the fetus is only 12 weeks along. Something like that.


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