second ultrasound

February 12, 2011

While this hemorrhage thing was going on, it felt like I was playing that relay game where you had to balance an egg on a spoon held in your mouth. It felt very fragile that I could easily drop and break.

The good news was that at the second ultrasound (February 3), the hemorrhage was not seen. Yay! It made me really doubt the seriousness of the hemorrhage that was seen in the first one. From what I gather from my friends that were/are pregnant, it seems to be a common diagnosis. So, is there something in the air or in the food that is causing pregnant women to have hemorrhages? Or is it just not as serious as they make it sound and is really more of a normal, implantation bleeding? Either way I guess it’s always best to stay on the safe side rather than ignore and risk anything during this time period.

It was also interesting to see how different the ultrasound technicians were. The first one was cold, rattling off every little detail and not taking the time to show me the monitor or explain what she was seeing. The second one was more cheery but very quiet and hardly said a word except she did move the monitor so I can see and she did try to explain what she saw.

By that time, the embryo measured at 1.8cm and I was equivalent to 8 weeks and 2 days buntis.


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