the power of my pee

February 9, 2011

This drawing represents the day that my pee determined the course of my life.

I wanted to draw how the test process works complete with my pee but I figured that would probably gross some people out so I left that out and went straight to the result. Here, my face is supposed to represent the emotions that I felt at the time: joy, scared, worried, excited, panic, and did I mention scared?

The truth is that we were ready for it and we were hoping for it. But oh my gulay, panic rushed in. As I told the OB when we first met her and she asked why we came in ‘I think I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do!?!’.

The hard part was trying not to share the news yet. We wanted to wait a little bit and at least verify with someone in the medical profession that the home pregnancy test result was accurate. I thought we would be able to wait for a couple of months until it was ‘safer’ before sharing the news. The ‘couple of months’ turned into a ‘couple of days’ due to my low EQ.

We made the announcements after the first ultrasound confirmed it. At this point, I was about 6 weeks buntis.


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